For the first time in my life, I feel I have roots. I literally feel as if my legs have become tree trunks and they refuse to budge from this place.

I’ve never felt like this before and I wonder if other people feel the same way.

Is that why some people never have a desire to travel? Is it because their tree trunk legs won’t let them?

My life in Raleigh gives me a deep satisfying love that enables me to feel very present in my everyday moments.

Simple things like shopping at Trader Joes or Costco’s puts me in a joyful state. I walk around humming with this feeling of love surrounding me and I whisper, I love this so much. Like I looooove living here so much.

Who would be filled up by grocery shopping like that?

While not everything is perfect, as that is life, I couldn’t tell you one complaint I have about living here. (except that my family and friends aren’t here)

Without a doubt Raleigh is where I belong. (btw, Craig feels the same way, which makes us both lucky, as it might prove a challenge otherwise!)

When I was traveling through Tirol, Austria last year with some other blogging friends, I described to them how I instantly felt Raleigh was my home the minute I first arrived in 2004. I couldn’t explain it. I just looked at the pine trees through the window of my airport transfer and was overwhelmed with this rushing feeling of I am home.

They listened in awe and I could see that restless spirit within them as they asked,

“Do you think that can happen to everyone? Do you think that one day you can find that special place just for you? I feel like I’m going to be endlessly looking.”

“Yes I do. I think everyone has a soul home. Some are born there, and others, for whatever reason have to go on a journey to find it.  If you are open to it, and willing to make the sacrifices for it,  you’ll find it and you’ll just KNOW when you do.”

The restless spirit of a travel

I just thought I was, and always would be a gypsy. I struggled to accept that for so long as no one who’s not a gypsy wants you to be a gypsy.

When I finally owned it, I felt so liberated. I’m a gypsy whether I like it or not and will always travel.  So let’s go.

But now I know I just hadn’t found my place yet.

I still have that gypsy spirit – one that desires freedom, adventure and change but I am not longer desperate to jump on a plane to get it.

I replied to an email subscriber the other day who spoke to me in terms of a restless spirit, and I told her,

“this unquenchable thirst you have for freedom, doesn’t always mean you have to go traipse across the globe to satisfy it.

On my journey to have it, I created my own travel business, which now gives me that sense of freedom I thirst for. Now I’m quite content to NOT travel, because my desire for freedom is quenched.

So you can have what you seek a little closer to home. Don’t delay experiencing that value until you have enough money to travel. Ask yourself, how can you bring that sense of freedom into your life now?”

Kim Yañez Sepulveda


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