My heart deflates a little with a, damn you society, with all your flashy gadgets pulling them away from the simplicity and beauty of nature and present moment awareness.

“I’m failing as a parent.” goes my usual inner dialogue. “I’ve got to get them out in nature more. I’m going to get an RV, unplug and dump the real world.”

I want to tell them that ”

nature is the place where you’ll find the space to breathe and discover who you are. Nature will ground you and help you manage the ups and downs in life. It’s the equilibrium you need to survive and thrive. It will connect you and bring you stillness and joy. It does all of this without ever speaking to you, but just by being with you.”

I follow nature’s lead and say nothing.

“We’re here now. Let’s just enjoy this walk and see what we discover.”

The grumbles will last a little longer, as will my inner dialogue, but soon enough nature casts its spell.

Kim Yañez Sepulveda


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