Last visit was extra special as I took my parents on the same journey.

Elvis was big in our household. We watched his movies, listened to his music and spoke about him over the dinner table many times with my Aunties. My Aunt Trish’s partner, Al, even played trombone in Elvis’ band back in his Las Vegas days.

My Aunt Merle cried for a week when he died.

I didn’t realize how much my Dad liked him either until we visited Graceland, Memphis, TN. He thoroughly enjoyed learning more about Elvis in the Graceland house and museums that are on the estate.

They both walked out saying,

“Oh I love him even more now. How wonderful to learn about what a good person he was. So many things we didn’t know.”


There’s probably very little people alive who do not recognize the name Elvis.

There are very few people alive who can be recognized globally by first name only.

Elvis was a transformative spirit; an individual guided by something special to use his talents to touch the lives of many. He burst through a restricted world where music was tame and gyrations were scandalous.

Elvis showed us all that with a little shake of your pelvis you can completely open up a new phase of evolution – one where it’s more acceptable to express your true self, to break rules, take risks, and follow dreams.

Kim Yañez Sepulveda


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