What to Take to Universal Studios Japan

    1. Comfy Shoes: Make sure that you are wearing some really comfy shoes. You will spend most of the day on your feet. Be prepared for long wait-lines of up to 240-min during high season periods. You can find a list of our favourite comfy flat shoes here.
    2. Day Backpack: We prefer travelling with a backpack so that we can have our hands free to hold our kids’ hands. We love using diaper backpack bags because they have a wipes compartment, insulated pockets for water bottles as well as many other pockets for organization.
    3. Water Bottles: We always take our own reusable water bottles with us. Most places will always be happy to refill your bottles free of charge.
    4. Sun Hat: You will find that you will spend plenty of time standing in the sun in the ride lines, so make sure you take a decent sun hat with you.
    5. Universal Studios Japan App: Download the USJ app which will allow you to check on wait times for rides and attractions as well as to quickly look up show schedules.
    6. Compact Camera: And lastly, don’t forget to take your camera along!  We find it best to take small compact cameras along to theme parks. You can find a great selection of compact cameras here.

Pre-Purchase your Tickets to Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Before heading to Universal Studios, it’s a clever idea to pre-purchase your tickets.

While you can purchase your tickets at the park itself, it tends to be extremely busy.

Kim Yañez Sepulveda


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