The spirit of its beach community origin is alive and reflected in the laughter and play of everyone on its shores. There’s not much else required of you in San Diego.

San Diego’s close proximity to Mexico gives you a colorful and unique flavor. You can guarantee the fish tacos will be full of cilantro and the local beer light and citrusy

San Diego – a Kidifornia adventure for your family memories

We visited San Diego, California on a paid campaign with Visit California to share the amazing Kidifornia adventures on offer in this Golden State.

We flew into San Diego from Raleigh, NC, jumped in a rental car and started our 10-day Southern California road trip in San Diego, the state’s second largest city.

You know a family vacation in San Diego is worth sharing when you see your children quickly slip into a relaxed and joyful state.

Kim Yañez Sepulveda


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